Is your business investment in human capital for sales making sense?

Ultimate Selling’s premise: Today's outcomes are a direct result of the methods and strategies employed for revenue generation and new business development. Not happy with your outcomes? Then maybe it’s time to assess your processes and training investments.

Public events

Jim offers half-day and full-day workshops open to individuals and organizations on multiple subjects in B2B Sales. They are interactive,  results oriented, and attendees can start applying the newly acquired knowledge in their next sales interaction.

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In-House / Private Sessions

The Ultimate Selling delivery model for in-house programs is dependent upon the needs of the organization while maximizing their sales time effectiveness. For example, the delivery can take place over multiple days, weeks or months. In some cases, specific topics or components are delivered seamlessly as part of other organizational events, i.e. local, regional or national sales meetings.

Many organizations prefer to integrate Ultimate Selling into their existing culture via a customized, proprietary program. This type of program can include a “train the trainer” program for scalability and requires a licensing agreement.

Regardless of the delivery model, Jim Martin strives for seamless integration with the organizations systems and processes while maintaining the integrity of Ultimate Selling. To conduct a no-obligation, confidential discussion of your needs, email Jim today!

Web-based Reinforcement training

Ultimate Selling can significantly impact your sales outcomes, but it's not a quick fix or an instant solution. Ultimate Selling focuses on continuous growth, progress, and long-term sustainability, using Webinar's as a reinforcement tool.

If you require a web-based delivery model, please contact Jim to discuss your specific needs.


It’s always a good time invest in your revenue and future. Unfortunately, when the organization is experiencing much success they aren’t considering investment in revenue generation. Conversely, when things get tough and they need to do it, they struggle with how they are going to fund it.

For a confidential, no obligation discussion and reality check on where you are and, more important, to determine if Ultimate Selling can make a difference for your organization, send an email to Jim today!