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Surviving in a Buyers in Market

In today's economy, it's more important than ever to bring your "A" game. Author Jim Martin tells you how in his highly anticipated book, "Ultimate Selling: The Art and Science of Sales Success".

Staying ahead in a competitive environment and boosting your sales is essential. Don't miss your chance to buy a signed copy today, or download the ebook now available thru both Ibooks & Amazon.

What is ULTIMATE SELLING: THE art & science of Sales Success All About?

Art = the exciting, personal skills you bring

It’s where your attitude, creativity, intelligence, business sense, problem solving skills, personality, humor and overall expertise are injected into the sales process. Skilled coaching can help you refine these skills to the level of art.

Science = information and process

The not-so-exciting area of professional selling that uses methods and metrics to refine processes.

Sales Success = the good stuff

Your payback! It’s the return on your investment of time, energy, effort and risk. Success is often in direct proportion of how much “art” and how much “science” are integrated into your selling process. The higher the integration, the more rewards. Profit. Peace of Mind. Stability. Growth. Recognition.... and of course, money.

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What other professionals are saying about Jim's book

I liked the balance of content: too many books focus on just one area of the sales process and, as a result, become one-sided. I also liked the way the book was structured, with lots of summaries and "how to do it" sections.
The more I read, the more I believe this book should be REQUIRED reading for my sales team! It is virtually a step-by-step guide, a so-called "script" for those who want one. This is one of the best sales books I've ever read!
I just received my copy today. This is an EXCELLENT Book. I'm only halfway through the first reading, but its already provided some tremendous guidance for plotting my next move for a direct opportunity. I try to read more every opportunity I get!
Mr. Martin takes a direct and strictly business approach. I Love it!
We all know there is no hard and fast recipe, but Jim's list of questions on p. 48 should be distributed to our team!
Jim's approach really gets to the heart of what we need to know as early as possible in any qualification dialogue.
What I like most about the approach you espouse is that it's highly professional and thorough.
It's intuitive and true; summarized and stated better than I've seen anywhere.
The planing & qualifying are the BEST parts of the book.
What I enjoyed about this book was its focus on real world situations. The actual examples and suggested dialog made a lot of sense (not just theory).
I've become calmer when presenting and negotiating. It's taken a lot of the pressure off me when I'm talking to a prospect.
I've been selling for several years and thought that I was doing everything I should to close sales until I read your book.
If someone is serious about sales, they should be reading all kinds of sales books. However, if I had to give someone only one book, this would be it.

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Keynote Speaking

Jim's personality, humor and wisdom are simply "AMAZING!" His unique outlook has made him one of the most recommended keynote speakers and seminar leaders. Have a topic you’re craving to communicate to your team?

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Executive Coaching

Jim collaborates with CEOs and top management teams to envision and implement strategic and tactical sales initiatives. He provides a sounding board to test out new ideas with minimal risk and without the complication and bias of internal pressures and politics.

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Sales Training

Is your business investment in human capital for sales giving you the returns you need and expect? Your outcomes are a direct result of the methods and strategies you use for business development. If you're not happy with your outcomes, maybe it's time to update your sales approach. Jim can help you look at the situation with fresh eyes for renewed sales vigor.

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