Why? To improve performance, it's that simple!

When a sales team or individual needs strategic or tactical help in closing major deals, the Ultimate Selling approach offers coaching from a very different point of view. Founder Jim Martin is not emotionally vested and can separate facts from fluff to bring more clarity. Only after the real issues and challenges are clearly defined can you successfully develop corrective actions and coach for high probability of success.

Executive Personal Coaching and Counseling

Jim Martin collaborates with CEO's and top management staff to assist in planning and implementation of strategic initiatives necessary for your organization to succeed.

He facilitates sustainable sales success. Sustainable, long-term growth is rarely achieved by boosting short-term sales volume. Instead, Jim helps you refine your sales processes to more skillfully leverage your long-term investment in human capital.

Jim teaches a highly underrated, vital skill: how to target the most appropriate and profitable work.

Outsourced Sales Management

Faced with a need for management of the sales team, but no budget for a full-time position? Outsourcing can be an outstanding solution.

You're an entrepreneur who’s passionate about your business and you love selling, but you need leadership for your sales team and don't want to fulfill that role?

Need an impartial mentor to challenge your staff?

Whether a start-up venture or one struggling with decline, you may need help in mapping out and managing your ideal sales process, recruiting sales talent, establishing sales compensation plans, performance metrics, or accountability standards.

Let’s talk further to explore how outsourced sales management can affordably serve you. Click here to contact Jim and discuss your specific needs today!

Sales Roundtables

Ultimate Selling’s membership-only sales forums were created to serve sales professionals and executives responsible for revenue generation. Tough issues and challenges face us all. Through collaboration, members share knowledge and best practices in selling.

Ultimate Selling Roundtables are comprised of individuals responsible for revenue generation from non-competitive industries. The roundtables provide a safe and confidential environment where members can share experiences and solve problems utilizing the brain trust of the group. Members clarify strategies and participate in a continuous-learning process.

Finally, it's where members come to learn and grow, but they also must be qualified to contribute. To explore your interests and determine your qualifications, contact Jim today!

E-mail: ASK@ultimatesellingsolutions.com