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Using the Ultimate Selling Series eBook for Sales Team Development How To…

Based on the assumption your sales team has downloaded the latest e-book “How to Prepare for a B2B Sales Call” If not, maybe these ideas will inspire you to do it now!

How you chose to implement is up to you, but here are a few ideas to help get you started!

Idea 1: Ask each salesperson,  “How do you use B2B call preparation for a competitive advantage?”

Idea 2: Pick a Chapter, view and listen as a group followed by a group discussion on how best to apply to your sales process.

Idea 3: Select a salesperson and assign an action item for your next sales meeting. Your objective here is to share a success story (1-3 minutes) on how preparation made a difference in an actual sale.

Idea 4: Conduct a group discussion (have a fixed time limit) on why its important to prepare!

Idea 5: Conduct a group discussion on “Lessons Learned” using the eBook and how and what they apply in their sales opportunities.

Idea 6: Again, a group discussion on how this helped them determine if they had a legitimate prospect versus a suspect!




Make your assignments based on individual needs for skill development in a particular area.  Assess your sales team and determine what areas you want to work on as a group  and pre assign activities related to the topic. Take it a step further and use this as a goal-setting exercise for your team.


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