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Are You Forward Thinking In Your Sales Training?

It’s time you start using Interactive eBooks for cost effective, real-time training and learning that’s:

Interactive eBooks appeal to today's learners who use technology naturally to communicate and learn. They prefer mobile technology and information which is delivered in bite size chunks  of just enough information, just in time, and wherever the learner may be located.

Interactive eBooks can incorporate text, photos, video, audio, and multimedia elements to provide an engaging learning and training experience.

One of the understated benefits, selling time is maximized” There’s no classroom training, no seminars to attend, and no webinars to sit thru. Just an engaging learning experience at your command, 7/24/365. And the added BONUS of no travel and lodging expense. Readily available at your fingertips, you can make that airport or appointment waiting time productive!

Each individual has their own personalized copy which provides a record of learning, complete with notes, checklists and plans. Interactive eBooks features include:

Memory Aids - quick reference summaries of all material covered in the content to refresh your memory just before that critical Coaching session, Sales call, Presentation or Meeting.

Action planning forms and tools you can fill in, save and printto review current skills, set goals, plan development ,monitor progress and help you stay on the right track when trying out new ideas.

Assessment checklists - designed to help apply critical thinking and make assessments before taking key decisions

The primary delivery platform is the Apple iPAD. While their are tens of millions of iPads currently in use, Apple recently announced that all MAC’s, iPhones and iPods would have the capability to acquire and use thru the Apple iBookstore.

And the good news! Ultimate Selling has embraced and adopted the technology and has created and launched the “Ultimate Selling Series”, Interactive eBooks where you can laser in on specific B2B sales topics.

Learn more about the Ultimate Selling Series eBooks Today, Click here for more information!



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