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It’s Summer, Are You Winning Or Losing At Sales?

It’s that time again when people start to relax, take vacations and spend more time on R&R than work. As a result, you expect sales to slow down.

While there is definitely some validity to the slow down, the bigger question you need to ask yourself is what can and will I do to affect change to this paradigm?. After all, business doesn’t stop in the summer.If you want to write new business and uncover opportunities for after Labor Day and the last quarter, you need to be in the game NOW, not on the bench waiting to play.

So, be proactive and you will write new business in the summer and deal with less competition. Why? Because they are on the bench waiting for a call.

1st, map out your plan of activities focusing on the things you can control. Things like:

  • Increasing your prospecting efforts
  • Ramp up your networking activities and events
  • Conduct awareness and education sessions with prospects now,-you will shorten the sales cycle after September.

Then, ask yourself, what else can I do?

2nd, eliminate any distractions and be fully engaged when executing those activities. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in less time when you have laser focus.

3rd, start reaping the benefits of your efforts with summer sales and just as importantly, if not more important; you will identify and qualify opportunities to aggressively pursue for September and last quarter sales pursuits.

After all, isn’t that better than waiting till summer ends, starting in September and hoping for a good year?

It’s your decision, what will you do?