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How To Know if Your Winning in 2013: This Month, This Quarter, This Year!

Whats Your Winning Formula? Do you have one? If not, why not? Okay, January is now over- how do you stand?  Did you:

  • Get off to a quick start in 2013?
  • Meet your sales quota/goal
  • Meet your income objectives?  (Earnings, Commissions, Bonuses)
  • Something else?

It’s time to get real and apply the KIS method. “Keep it Simple ” to your formula: It’s just not that complicated!

Ultimate Selling Insight #1:  You must have enough sales opportunities that are making their final buying decision within the specified time, be it your 30, 60 or 90 day sales forecast . YES, SALES FORECAST, not your pipeline!

Ultimate Selling Insight #2: The only security you have as a salesperson is knowing you have enough decisions being made each month to ensure your success. If not, you will know by the first of the month that you will fail at the end of the month.  Therefore you can be proactive NOW to affect the outcomes. Or, leave it to chance or pray for a Blue Bird to fall out of the sky!


Let’s figure the math out together...

  • What is the amount of your average sale? (20 ,000)
  • How many average sales do you need monthly to achieve your quota/goals?                    (5 = 100,000)
  • What is your success rate or closing average? (50%)
  • Number of monthly sales ÷ success rate = (5 ÷.50 = 10)
  • Number of decisions being made this month? (10 = 5 sales)

Apply your numbers and you will know early and often, where you stand

Here’s an example of  %  (Average sale of $20K, monthly quota of $100K)

20% Closing Average requires 25 sales decisions per month
50% Closing Average requires 10 sales decisions per month
100% Closing Average requires 5 sales decisions per month

There you have it, work extra hard and have lots of opportunities or improve your sales skills, work smart and achieve success with  fewer opportunities.

It’s early in the year so get started on becoming an Ultimate Seller 2013!

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