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Daily Sales Time Analysis

Do you really know how you’re spending your selling time?

Is it productive?

Is it in the right area?


Chances are, you'’e spending far too much time in low to medium risk activities with like rewards when it’s you're high risk/high reward activities that will impact sales outcomes the most.

Would you like to gain more discretionary (Personal) time while increasing sales?

Then its time for you to do some daily self-analysis on just how you're spending or investing your time. And the best part, your the only one who can win or lose in the process. To begin, lets define what low, medium or high risk work activities are. For example:

My guarantee! If you will increase your % of selling time in the High to Medium risk activities and eliminate or minimize Low risk activities, you will have significant gains in your sales outcomes. To assist you with this, you can download the ‘FREE’ Ultimate Sellers ‘Daily Sales Time Analysis’ Template.

For the next 5 days, compete a daily sheet to measure how your spending your time. It’s your personal analysis so be honest with your assessment. Then start changing how you spend your time. And remember, time is the one thing you can’t get back, so spend or invest it wisely!

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October 2012 Keys to Sucess

Have you seen our October newsletter yet?  You can find it here.

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Selling Outcomes! Yours and Theirs.

Successful selling is definitely about TWO OUTCOMES, yours and theirs.

But in order to get yours, you have to give them theirs. It begins when you learn how to sell from your prospects perspective, not yours; and focus on the many ways they’re going to win from utilizing your product and service.

Today, there is much dialogue between the consultative selling process and the insight selling process. As an Ultimate Seller, you need to master both. As you think about your prospects, do you begin with an insight on their business and how you can provide significant gains to their business? In how many ways and what areas?  What else have you helped them uncover? How much of their excitement is about soft dollars?

As you can see, they’re many avenues to explore. So start speaking about the outcomes they will receive from your products and services with heavy emphasis on how they apply to your prospect? You know, WIIFT (what’s in it for them) vs. WIIFM (what’s in it for me). Trust me, it’s all about them, not you!

Here are some  points to consider when engaging with prospects:

  • Do you have a compelling story?
  • Do you apply it in your sales interactions with prospects?
  • Do you help them discover what they want?
  • Can you keep the focus on what they are eliminating, mitigating and their payoffs and gains?
  • Can you help them articulate their gains and why they need to act, Now!?



So, sell your prospects outcomes first by focusing on WIIFT and you will have more  WIIFM.

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Simple Preparation Gives You Game Control

How many times have you heard the sports analogy of control the ball and you control the game. Well, is it any surprise the same holds true in the game of selling?

Let's sum this up visually:

Want to be in control of each step, each interaction, each negotiation… Which you will negotiate so that you both win, continually reinforcing their trust in you and your process?  Here are some steps to follow:

  • Prepare your attitude: you must make time to fully develop your sales skills and business knowledge. It means accepting sales success is your responsibility and building a foundation on confidence.
  • We mean practicing for a better approach: it means learning to listen to your prospective customers more, and talking less, way less. You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that ratio or higher.
  • We mean intentional preparation for every interaction: think about emails you’re sending, planning phone calls, having specific objectives in mind, being ready for contingencies in face-to-face meetings.
  • We mean knowing who you need to have those interactions with, by knowing everything you can that’s appropriate about your prospect.
  • We mean knowing what it takes to win the sale.
  • We mean knowing your resources (in football terms, who can run, who can catch, and the value of a good helmet!) and being ready to know how to use your resources to support you or at least not weaken you in the game.
  • We mean preparing to stand up to your competitors in every possible and ethical way.

NFL player Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens spends countless hours each week reviewing his opponents play. He also holds the NFL record for interception returns.

Preparation takes time and effort and I'm telling you that all your effort, work and commitment to preparation will pay off in spades.


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What Is Their Money Situation? Do They Have It? Can They Get It?

The ability to pay for a product or service is a critical factor to be addressed. Sure, you can skip it in the hopes that it won’t be an issue, but all too often when you do, discovery takes place at the worst time- during the presentation stage in the sales process and after all your hard work to get to a proposal.

If money is going to be an issue, it’s best to deal with your prospect up-front and negotiate a solution long before you present your value proposition. Trust me, they will appreciate the effort. Openly exploring money with them will help you build the value   proposition to be presented. In some cases you may discover you need to defer or abort altogether.

Some great questions to keep in mind when uncovering the money situation are:

$Are the funds available now?
$Are the funds already allocated to the budget?
$When will they be available?
$What is the source of funds?
$Will it require some form of financing? Leasing?
$Are there any financial issues regarding credit?
$Are there any internal issues that could affect funding?

These questions are not about discussing costs as part of a proposal, they are about helping the prospect and you plan a financial strategy.

When you ask these questions, you’ll learn their ‘stage’ in the money process as well as their intentions. Such as:

Exploring Options
Budget Development
You’re being used
Real intention to acquire (The place to be)

Discovering their money situation should definitely affect your strategy and planning for intentional interactions. As an Ultimate Seller, you want to use every situation, every interaction, to have them look to you for help with decisions.

Money qualifying is where you can flush out no matter how interested they are in the solution, if they’re really looking at you as a true potential provider. If not, DISQUALIFY them. Once again, better to find out earlier rather than at proposal time!

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The Ultimate Selling Sales Funnel & Sales Forecast

The Ultimate Selling Sales funnel’s primary mission is to ensure you invest resources effectively, and at the right time. And, it’s the source and foundation for accurate sales forecasting.

Lets explore the illustration!  A prospect, as in QUALIFIED, has met critical criteria in order for them and you to advance to the actual selling process. It’s serves as a robust filter of your database, pipeline and wish list!

Anything short of mutual definition and agreement on INTEREST, MONEY and DECISION, defaults them  to being a suspect (yes, they’re not a qualified prospect ).  And if they are unqualified on any one of the three critical requirements,  they are piped out of your funnel as not qualified. They may be in the awareness, information and knowledge stage but they have yet to establish a true acquisition process.

Warning! Present to anyone in these stages will result in a Non-Decision as they are not yet prepared to acquire.

Focus on having clear, straight-forward expectations and agreed to next steps by all involved parties and watch your success rate soar!

One final note: although rare, it’s possible for a qualified prospect to be revert to a being reclassified as a Future or back to being a suspect.  For example, unexpectedly; an uncontrollable event such as funding, earnings statement, new management or  acquisition surfaces. So they go back to being a suspect unless, there are mutually agreed to actions with dates. In these rare cases, they would be classified as as a Future. Example! They cannot buy now due to a penalty clause but have agreed to issue a PO on a specific date when the penalty clause expires. If it’s call back and lets see how things are in 6 months or a year. They can only be a suspect.

Now you can create a meaningful and accurate sales forecast and  earnings for you.

For FREE downloads of helpful reinforcement tools from Ultimate Selling Solutions, go here.