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Are You Being Used For Price Checking?

Are they looking to negotiate with another vendor?

Are they looking to get the best price for something they decide to purchase from the Internet if you can’t match the price?

Why else?

Price checking may seem to be an unfavorable position, but it’s actually one in which you are wide open to increase their respect from your knowledge and sway them to what you offer.

How many times have you looked for a bargain—but a good, confident, knowledgeable salesperson demonstrated quality and value to you that changed your mind? The salesperson is a critical, powerful factor in turning price checking into an actual sale.

In talking to whoever approached you, make sure as soon as possible that you are talking to the decision makers, not underlings appointed to get prices. Remember, it’s their job to get a number quickly and it’s your job to have them tell you what you need to know to continue qualifying them. You might ask:

  • If I can offer the lowest price for this service, will that be a reason for buying with me?
  • What if I offer you a slightly higher price, but better service and overall value?

If you’re talking to a decision maker, you should get a pause and then a thought-out response. If you are talking to a subordinate who has no decision making powers, you’ll get a blank stare. So you’ve now just qualified a little on decision: who’s really making it?

Remember to treat them with respect as they could be a strong influencer! Asking enough questions which they can’t answer, in a respectful and intelligent way, will cause the interactions to move to the decision maker.

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