Does your selling process work well for your clients and customers?

Keep up with the times! People want a relationship with organizations that can be reliable and dependable resources to them. They want you to earn their business in a trusted and meaningful way. You’ve got to focus on doing only the things that achieve those objectives. In Ultimate Selling, relationships are ‘Outcomes,’ not events.

When is the last time you took a hard look at what your organization is doing to see if you’re doing it well? An Ultimate Selling analysis will give you the truth about what works and what doesn’t. Are you ready to discover your strengths and weaknesses and develop the strategies you need to take it to your next sales level?

AnALYZing your selling process is the beginning!

Are you up to the challenge of a sales process analysis?

Ultimate Selling will provide you with a hard-edged, factual report and recommendations on what your team needs to do (and what you should stop doing) for more successful outcomes.

What’s in the Sales Process Assessment?

Jim will watch, listen, and learn about what you do. From on-site observation, individual or group meetings, he’ll look at how your staff sources new opportunities and manages them through delivery and fulfillment. He will review marketing collateral to order processing, contract administration and customer acceptance actions.

His findings and recommendations are submitted in written format for review, after which Jim will schedule a meeting with designated personnel to discuss the recommendations. With this tool, you can move from a stalled, stagnant process to one that is reinvigorated and lively.

Some examples of what we assess are:

  • Your ROI on sales resources
  • Sales forecasting accuracy
  • Database mining and management for prospective and existing customers.
  • How you differentiate yourself in the market
  • What is your company culture

OK - That Sounds Great! What’s Next?

Ultimate Selling's goal is to provide all the options so you can make an informed and intelligent decision.

Contact the Ultimate Seller today for a detailed analysis of your team, or follow this link to learn more about other services that we specialize in!