How Do You Stack Up?

Do you know how you stack up against your competition? Does your selling process differentiate your organization so that you are consistently seen as the preferred provider?

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USS_Book_CoverThe highly anticipated publication of sales methodologies and processes for professional B2B selling in the 21st century is finally here!

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How Well Do You Connect When Selling?

Savvy buyers prefer CONNECTING with sellers, not being CLOSED!

Traditional selling--the days of close! close! close!--is done. Clients and customers want long-term relationships: salespeople and organizations who sell with integrity and are reliable, trusted resources. The days of saying whatever you think will make the sale and hoping you can deliver, are over.

Likewise, if your organization wants customer retention and sustainable revenue growth and profits, you must acquire and retain long-term clients and customers.

Does your selling process deliver? Does your company even have a selling process? Not sure? Want to find out?

Welcome to Ultimate Selling, the art and science of selling with integrity and negotiating
long-term, win-win relationships.

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Executive coaching will give you an unbiased perspective! What executive couldn't use fresh ideas about day-to-day and long-term issues?

Having perspectives with no political bias or personal agenda will help you identify obstacles and create proactive solutions to any challenge.

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When is the last time you reviewed your sales job descriptions, compensation plans, sales targets, forecasting techniques and sales quotas?

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I have been a student of Sales, sales management and entrepreneurship for 45 years and had the opportunity to work with and learn from many sales professionals and sales managers. Jim attracted me to his organization, NMC, from my experience with him at Sandler. He was and still is a truly exceptional sales coach. Great ideas, process oriented which I believe is a very important teaching skill, and most importantly fun to work with. Jim laughs a lot and has a lot of fun with the selling process but he relaxes you before he closes you.

I have always thought that if I had a very important account that had to be closed and could choose one person to send, from my vast experience with thousands of sales people in professional sales I would send Jim. In my opinion he is THE BEST.

Ron Szpatura, LandMarks Marketing
Financially, I expect that my income over the next year will probably quadruple. It has been a pleasurable and rewarding experience indeed, these last 10 months.
Agent & CLU, Insurance industry
Jim Martin was a great advisor in developing strategic sales plans and methods for hitting the sales goals of the company. Having worked with us during the period of strategic renewal, rebranding and position in the marketplace, Mr. Martin’s work with the executive management team has positioned us well for financial success. I hightly recommend his approach.
President, HR & Risk Management Services
I can think of two reasons why you should work with Jim. First, he’ll tell you who shouldn't be on your sales team -- in about 5 minutes. He has great observational powers. A lot of people speak this stuff, but he owns it. Second, Jim’s had a lot of experience in business, running companies and that’s given him a broad perspective. He understands what salespeople -- and top management people -- need to accomplish.
President, Telecommunications Company
Your Leadership helped us create the selling processes, plans and tactics that will support our business strategy. I never realized how much science there truly is in selling! You exceeded our expectations.
President, Healthcare Industry
I was especially pleased you were able to determine areas of improvement and solutions that integrate with the culture of our organization. Your high-value assessments have also been key to determining the value of staff members. Your ability to see the whole picture is highly valued and I believe brings significant credibility to the program.
President, HR Specialist
I had an extremely difficult case and after four long meetings was unable to close. After spending an hour counseling with you, resulting in you given me an outline for my dinner meeting, I successfully closed the case.
President, Financial Services
I have observed that some sales champions have the ability to achieve excellent sales production, while others have the ability to teach and coach others to success, you are one of the few who can do both. In addition to your professional skills, I’ve known you as a person of high integrity. When you give your word, people can count on you to deliver.
Principal, A Training Company
As a trainer and coach, Jim has no equal. He has a knack for getting salespeople to get an order instead of just “visiting” with people. I've never met a sales person with the honesty and thoroughness that Jim has. He’s an expert at forecasting, and he understands the latest sales technologies. You know the old cliche: plan your work and work your plan? Most salespeople really don't know how to do it. Jim will show them how and then follow up to make it happen.
President, Telecommunications Company
Just completed meeting with 2 of my key sales reps. that attended your two-day seminar. They both commented they learned more in than they have in other weeklong meetings. And, have made commitments to continue to study this new method of selling. Also, I was particularly impressed by what appears to be a change in their attitude about selling in general.
President, Communications Company
I have had other sales training and motivation courses but none went into the depth yours did. The one part that sticks with me most is the idea of putting the customerat ease by telling them it’s OK to say No and asking if they feel comfortable with what they are saying and feeling.
Uniform Rental Company
Congratulations on excellent program, Jim, and I hope you never have the opportunity to present to my competitors!
Sales Manager, Broadcast Radio
I must say I had anticipated a program full of “Bull” and phony “Cheerleading”. Instead, I was delighted to find a well structured, common sense approach I could relate to and put into practice.
Agent, Insurance
Seminars today are almost a dime a dozen, so how do you pick out the right one to go to? At 1st, we did think the cost of the program was out of line; however, results received made it the best bargain for us today. Being in sales, direct selling for 12 years; really made me wish that I had attended this 12 years prior.
President, Telecommunications Company
I want to express my enthusiasm over your program. It was a complete presentation of what I consider to be the best sales process I’ve seen. I’ve always been cautious of sales seminars because it seemed the ideas would only last a week or 2 and then dissipate. I’m confident the follow-up program will help us to gradually become the professionals we desire to be.
Agent, Lincoln National
I was extremely skeptical of the sales approach you were suggesting. However, having been in insurance sales for the past 8 years, it didn’t take me long to begin to relate to your examples in my personal experiences. In the 2 months since your program, I find myself using your approach more and more and I can think of two commercial accounts that I sold on the 1st appointment, using the techniques that you shared.
Partner, Insurance Agency